Start the Day Right with a Japanese Breakfast & Miso Soup

At Miso Tasty, we believe that the Japanese breakfast is the best in the world! Full of protein, fermented foods which are great for your gut, and most of all, FULL of FLAVOUR! 

Millions of Japanese start the day with a warming bowl of miso soup, some grilled fish, a bowl of steaming rice and some antioxidant-rich green tea. Our miso soups are very easy to make - just add hot water, so if you are thinking what a faff this all sounds like, we have done a lot of the hard work for you! 

Simply boil the kettle and add hot water to our miso soup paste, seaweed and spring onions, and add any other toppings you like that you have in the fridge or pantry like tofu, spinach, even an egg!  With your extra hot water, brew the green tea. 

In a pan boil half a cup of rice per person and cook for 8-10 minutes in the pan whilst you sip your tea for a mindful morning. 

Recently, we served Japanese breakfasts at our pop up Breakfast Bar in Selfridges! If you missed us, then look out for us soon popping up at new secret locations handing out free japanese breakfasts, complete of course with our Miso Tasty miso soup! 

To try our miso soup, simple head to our miso shop and check out our wide selection of miso paste and miso soup products! 

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