Miso Soup: The Detox Essential

It’s that time of year again. Cold, rainy January. Once again we’ve decided that, post that festive-indulgence period, we need to give our bodies a break and start the new year with a healthy, cleansing detox. Luckily this year, Miso Tasty is here to help.

Each bowl of Miso Tasty soup is brimming with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals: everything that you need to give your body that healthy kick-start to the year! As there are only 37 calories in one Miso Tasty soup, this is the perfect snack or light lunch for those of you who are calorie counting, and as it has a high protein content, it will keep you surprisingly full. Dieting and detoxing doesn’t have to mean having a permanently rumbling tummy!

Studies have shown that regularly enjoying miso soup will boost your immune system and, as a fermented food packed full of essential amino acids, it will also help your digestion. Having one miso soup a day will give you a happier, healthier body that won’t fall victim to the coughs and colds that are lingering around this winter.

Most importantly, miso soups are really, really tasty. The umami flavour will satisfy your cravings, and swapping out a tea or coffee for a miso soup will give you a warming, satisfying, caffeine-free hot drink to help you get well and stay well in 2015.

If you want to turn your miso soup into a more substantial meal, try our superfood miso soup recipe, packing even more goodness into a delicious bowl of miso soup.

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