Quick & Healthy Low Fat Soup

Miso Tasty’s aim in making miso soups is to make the tastiest miso soup on the market. But we also want it to be convenient, easy to make up, and ready to slot straight into your busy lifestyle (being able to buy miso soup online is one way of achieving this)! As well as all that, we also want it to be healthy and nutritious. That means making a low-fat, low-calorie soup that is high in vitamins and other goodies and can be made by just adding hot water. Lucky for us, we don’t have to play with our ingredients to achieve the nutritional numbers we wanted, because, magically, miso is naturally low-fat, low-calorie and health giving.

With only 1g of fat per miso soup, the amount of fat in our miso soups is negligible. That doesn’t mean that Miso Tasty soups are light and watery, the equivalent to a herbal tea; miso soup is rounded and full of flavour because of the explosion of umami, the 5th taste, that you’ll discover when you drink it. It’s also surprisingly filling for such a low-fat, low-calorie soup: as miso is made of fermented soybeans it has a high protein content which fills you up, and keeps your hunger at bay for longer than other fatty foods and snacks. Miso Tasty soups are therefore perfect for anyone trying to lose weight, anyone who’s watching their weight, or anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle: simply add hot water to the miso paste and the separate pack of vegetables to create a fresh-tasting, restaurant-quality, healthy, nutritious and delicious miso soup!

To bulk up our miso soups, turning them from the perfect snack or accompaniment to your salad or sushi for lunch, you can also add greens, rice noodles, tofu and all sorts of other quick to prepare items to turn your low-fat miso soup into a quick lunch or dinner. We’ve put together a few of our favourite healthy miso soup based meals in our Miso Tasty kitchen – we hope they provide you with some inspiration!

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