Miso Paste not Powder

One of the reasons why our miso soups at Miso Tasty is so delicious is because it is additive-free and in its natural format. Miso Tasty soups comes in a paste, not a powder.

When you make up one of our soups, you can see a cloudy layer dancing at the top of the soup – that’s the protein from the soy beans separating from the seaweed soup stock. Miso is naturally a paste and not a powder, and we haven’t messed with it.

The problem with miso soup powders is that they can be difficult to dissolve, and this makes it lumpy and the soup becomes weak in flavour. Their benefit is a much longer shelf life than a miso paste soup but the downside is that they can taste unnatural; having gone through an extra step in dehydration and extra processing.

You can try our range of miso soup pastes from Currently available in Classic Shiro Miso Soup and Spicy Aka Miso Soup recipes. Enjoy!

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