A Filling Miso Soup At Only 45 Calories

Summer’s coming and we’re all thinking about eating lighter.

Apart from my current Hirata bun addiction, I am otherwise tucking into salads and lighter meals at every occasion. But if, like me, you have a healthy appetite and quick to feel peckish, it is great to know that I can enjoy a light brothy miso soup to bulk up meals and keep me fuller for longer.

Our miso soups are incredibly low calorie, only 37 calories per cup – we didn’t design them this way, they are just naturally like this. At Miso Tasty, we also don’t bang on about  our low calorie miso soup  because they’re not designed to be a diet product .  Miso Tasty is really about  – as the name suggests! –  flavour and  taste. It just happens to be low calorie naturally and that’s a bonus!

You’d be forgiven for thinking , if you’ve had our miso soups before, that  we were higher in calories as  umami studies have shown that products high in umami create the feeling of fullness for longer, and with almost 8% protein per pack of our miso soups, they’ll keep hunger at bay.

You can order miso soups online straight from our website.

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