Instant Miso Soup For A Busy Life

We all have those days when you’re rushing from one thing to the next. You can feel yourself getting peckish, and then hungry, and then so famished you end up desperately weighing up the options at the vending machine.

That’s where Miso Tasty’s miso soups are our saviour; our instant miso soups are a unique portable snack that is quick to make up, just-add-hot-water, comforting, filling and nutritious; they keep hunger at bay instantly. It’s no wonder have named us a #HandbagHero!

Each pack is made up of a tube of miso paste – fermented soybeans and rice – and a pack of kelp stock and vegetables to make up a tasty cup of miso soup with a medley of wakame seaweed and spring onions for added flavour.

Of course you don’t have to wait until you are about to faint before you enjoy one of our Classic Shiro miso soups  or Spicy Aka miso soups, at only 37 calories,  our instant miso soups are the perfect daily snack. You can enjoy it as an accompaniment to a light lunch, or as a great alternative to a tea or coffee.

You can buy  miso soups online though and get one of these 8-serving trays delivered to your office or home.  Keep these in your desk drawer or kitchen cupboard for a tasty quick-fix for when life gets busy!

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