What's so Great About Miso?

This is a question I am often asked – What is my obsession with one ingredient?

Well there is plenty great about miso, I will have you know.

First off, is the TASTE! (clue is in name of the company). It’s like someone asking why one might set up a chocolate company, or an ice cream company… its obvious isn’t it? It tastes magnificent!

To me, miso is the tastiest flavour ever. I have always been more of a savoury person and you don’t get more savoury umami-richness than miso. Miso has a deep moorish taste that is – if you get good miso! – balanced with sweet and salty tones that are simply delicious. Like a good salted caramel, the dimensions of flavour are addictive.

Next, miso is naturally nutritious. There are 100’s of health claims out there but what I stand by is that miso is kind to the body; whenever I eat it, I feel nourished inside – like drinking chicken soup!

Made from wholesome soy beans and rice mainly, it is high in antioxidants and has been proven to be great for the stomach because it is so rich in digestive enzymes.  This explains why miso soup is served at the end of meals in Japan – to aid digestion.

You may have read reports claiming miso’s ability to prevent certain cancers and to help us live longer. Sometimes I am dubious; there are varying degrees of real evidence backing these claims up, but with the Japanese being one of the oldest populations in the world with their diet rich in miso, it can’t be doing any harm, can it?!

So on balance, I like to believe the hype!

Miso has a truly distinctive flavour range that will be celebrated through our products at Miso Tasty. I am certain that once you start getting into miso like me, you will begin to crave it like I do. We see it as an Ancient Superfood that tastes GREAT – what’s not to love?

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