Three Years Later, We Did It!

This is not just exciting. This is emotional!

The first 2 products from our range – Classic Shiro and Spicy Aka miso soup have arrived!

It is not easy to describe the feeling of holding in your hands something you have worked hard for, for three long years. Looking back, I can’t believe the number of set-backs we have had; the number of failed manufacturing trials, of warm leads gone cold, of glimmers of hope, of Plan B’s turning into Plan A’s….

Not to mention the 3 years of brave facing friends and family asking me ‘how’s that miso project going?’ and my cringing, not having an answer that I was proud of. Sometimes I thought people were losing faith in me. Sometimes I even began to lose faith in myself… It’s not easy to keep going when you keep coming up against it. But then a corner would be turned, a closed door would be followed by the opening of another one. On the outside, it must have looked like child’s play, but it has been deadly serious.

Serious about Miso Tasty, serious about not giving up.

So, today, I am not just holding miso paste. This is miso paste made based on my recipe, made authentically and artisanally in Japan. This is 3 years of hard graft, of problem solving every day, and visualising the dream.

It’s about finding a team that you trust, and believe in your vision as much as you do. It’s about believing that every problem will have its solution.

Stay tuned for lots more exciting developments, as we get ourselves ready to launch Miso Tasty!

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