A Miso Soup a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

'A miso soup a day keeps the doctor away' is quickly becoming our team company motto. Our favourite ancient superfood, miso, is not only the tastiest snack, but is also packed full of health-boosting goodies to help keep you fit and well. 

75% of the Japanese population enjoy miso soup at least once a day, and we like to think that this daily intake of miso soup is the reason for the famously long Japanese life expectancy! To help you achieve this same longevity, we are now offering a subscription to Miso Tasty to keep you fit, happy and healthy! 

Packed full of antioxidants, vitamins B2 and K, copper, manganese and zinc, a regular intake of miso soup will boost your immune system, making you strong enough to bat away any illnesses that start lurking around you. As a fermented food, miso also contains all the essential amino acids, which are the key to happy, healthy digestive system! The Japanese enjoy miso soup at the end of a heavy meal to help their digestion - why not try swapping your post-dinner coffee for a light miso soup next time you've stuffed yourself silly?

And of course our Miso Tasty soups are a fantastic source of protein for all those veggies and vegans amongst you! Our soups naturally contain 8% protein, which comes straight from the soybeans.

Subscribe to Miso Tasty today by simply selecting the 8-box you would like in our online store and choose your subscription. You will then receive one box every fortnight: you'll never be left in that stressful situation of not having any miso soup when you need it most!

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