Miso Soup is Your Office Essential

We all have those moments when our tummies are rumbling, we've already drunk too much coffee that day, lunch time has been and gone, and 5 o'clock is still a little way off. So what do we all normally do? Grab a fizzy drink, a packet of crisps, or a chocolate bar - anything quick and easy that will help us get through this blip in our day.

Luckily for you, Miso Tasty is here to rid you of those trips to the vending machine, or the shop downstairs. With a pack of Miso Tasty soups in your desk, your solution to your hungry, energy-less moments will be right by your side! Simply find a mug, empty in the miso paste and the vegetables, and add hot water for an instant snack that's packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals! What's more, because of the high protein content it will keep you fuller for longer than a sugar-packed snack would, even though it only contains 45 calories. Miso to the rescue!

Buy Miso Tasty today, and it will be delivered straight to your desk, to help you stop your bad snacking habits for good straight away! 

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