Miso Tasty: Your Festival Essential

It's the time of year again where we all take a long weekend off work to head out to the country, set up a tent in the middle of a field, and dance around in the mud all day and all night, having the best time.

But there's always those festival moments when you're tired, hungover, and are desperate for something quick and comforting to eat or drink that will instantly make you feel better. Miso Tasty soups are here to save you in those moments of despair. Make sure you add miso soup to your list of packing essentials, alongside loo roll and wet wipes. Here are 5 reasons why you'll be glad you did:

1. Miso Easy: Just add hot water to the miso paste and pack of vegetables for an instant, nutritious and delicious miso soup. It couldn't be easier.

2. Vitamin B: Choline is a key component of vitamin B which you'll find loads of in miso soup. Choline is your hangover's best friend as it helps prevent the build-up of alcohol in the liver and speeds up the discharge of alcohol from the body.

3. Miso Hungry: Miso soup may be a light broth, but because of it's high protein content, it's surprisingly filling. This instant, vegan-friendly (the protein comes from the soybeans) snack, will keep you full and satisfied for much longer than you'd expect.

4. Amino Acids: If you wake up feeling a little queasy - or maybe just the site of those loos has made your stomach churn - make up a miso soup to help settle your stomach. As a fermented product, miso soup contains essential amino acids which help your digestion and will have you feeling right as rain again in no time.

5. Miso Healthy: When your festival diet consists predominantly of burgers and beers, your body will be crying out for something healthy to keep you going over the long weekend. Miso paste is known to help boost your immune system, keeping you fit and well - exactly what you need to protect yourself over the festival weekend.

Buy your miso soup now to get it in time for the summer festivals. Trust us, when you wake up cold and bleary eyed on day one, you'll be glad you've got a packet of Miso Tasty by your side.

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