Miso Soup: A Portable, Protein-Packed Snack

For over 600 years, miso paste has been used by Japanese military, explorers, and adventurers on their expeditions, because it's portable, has naturally high protein levels, and, as a fermented product, it has a very long shelf life. Today, Miso Tasty soups are being snapped up by sportsmen and explorers, to be eaten in tough, and often extreme conditions, where they need a convenient, healthy, replenishing snack.

Adam Hansen is currently in the midst of cycling the Tour de France. He's a miso addict, who drinks miso soup every day as the perfect protein-packed post-cycle snack. Adam was just involved in an awful crash early on in the Tour and is now cycling with a dislocated shoulder. However, Adam has said that he's not giving up: he'll finish the Tour as he eats 'pain for breakfast', and, now, with his Miso Tasty care package, he'll be eating Miso Tasty soup for tea too, to power him through.

Adventurer and explorer Noel Hanna recently climbed Everest for the seventh time with a bag stuffed full of Miso Tasty soups! We spoke to Noel about his life spent climbing, asking all about what he eats to keep himself going during his expeditions. Noel explained that, when climbing, 'dehydrated food where you only have to add hot water' is essential, and he needs to 'eat healthily to be prepared'. Luckily, hot water is all that's required to make a miso soup, and miso is renowned as being a health-packed ancient superfood! He also explained that the fact that miso doesn't freeze into a solid block is another great reason to take it on his trips as 'unfortunately, high up on the mountain, most snacks and food freeze at such low temperatures'. 

We've also been following the journey of Thomas, from Start-up Cycling, who is cycling around the world, meeting entrepreneurs as he goes. Miso Tasty has become one of his go-to snacks: he loves its satisfying flavour, and miso's protein content keeps his energy levels high. Miso Tasty soups also come with the added bonus that he's supporting a start-up while he enjoys them!

So whether you're climbing Everest, cycling the Tour de France with a dislocated shoulder, or trying to bike round the world on a start-up mission, our protein-packed Miso Tasty soups will power you through, replenish your sodium levels, and only needs some hot water to be made!

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