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A Hassle-Free Healthy Lifestyle

Tags healthy, miso, soup, vegetarian

We've rounded up our favourite foodie subscription boxes that will help you to live a happy and healthy life!

Miso Soup is Your Office Essential

Tags healthy, miso, snack, soup

Make sure you always have Miso Tasty in your desk drawer to save you from a rumbling tummy and a trip to the vending machine!

A Miso Soup a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Tags healthy, miso, nutritious, soup, vegetarian

'A miso soup a day keeps the doctor away' is the Miso Tasty team's motto. Order your Miso Tasty subscription today to stay fit and healthy all year round!

Miso: The Store-Cupboard Saviour

Tags healthy, lunch, miso, nutritious, soup

Miso Tasty soup needs to be added to your list of store-cupboard staples: it will be your saviour in your next desperate search for a quick but tasty meal to pull together after a long day at work.

Quick & Healthy Low Fat Soup

Tags healthy, miso, nutritious, soup

Miso Tasty’s aim in making miso soups is to make the tastiest miso soup on the market. But we also want it to be convenient, easy to make up, and ready to slot straight into your busy lifestyle!

Miso Tasty: The 5:2 Diet Saviour

Tags detox, diet, healthy, misoi, soup

If you’ve already signed yourself up for this strict regime, or if you’re thinking about doing so, we think that Miso Tasty can help you out...

Miso Soup: The Health Benefits

Tags detox, diet, healthy, miso, soup, superfood

Miso certainly enjoys a widely endorsed reputation for being a great health food. Here's why...

What's in your Handbag?

Tags convenience, healthy, miso, soup

For the Miso Tasty team, Miso Tasty is our handbag essential; it fits easily into our bags and is a perfect healthy, filling snack to keep those rumbling tummies quiet!

Miso Tasty in Olive Magazine

Tags healthy, miso, press

We are ecstatic to be featured in the September edition of Olive magazine!

Miso Tasty in the Daily Mail

Tags healthy, miso, press

This week, Miso Tasty had its own little feature in the Daily Mail!

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