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Miso: The Store-Cupboard Saviour

Tags healthy, lunch, miso, nutritious, soup

Miso Tasty soup needs to be added to your list of store-cupboard staples: it will be your saviour in your next desperate search for a quick but tasty meal to pull together after a long day at work.

Miso Tasty Soups: A Lunchtime Saviour

Tags healthy, lunch, miso, recipes, soup

With only 37 calories per serving, Miso Tasty soups are the perfect in-between meal snack, but can also be pimped up for a super quick and tasty lunch or dinner!

Instant Miso Soup For A Busy Life

Tags lunch, miso, nutritious, soup

We all have those days when you’re rushing from one thing to the next. Miso soup will save you on these days.

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