White Miso Chive Butter

Fabulous slathered onto toasted sourdough toast, grilled corn, or a top a thick, juicy steak, this is far superior to your regular herb butter that relies on a decent amount of seasoning to impact deep flavour. 
What's more, this herb butter only takes minutes to make and can keep in the fridge for months! But trust me, this won't last long. You will find other ways to use it, such as a stir-fry sauce for mushrooms! 
To make 200g of herb butter, simply combine 100g of organic unsalted butter, with 100g of Miso Tasty organic white shiro miso paste and 1 handful of chives. The taste is deeply cheesy and rounded with a slight sweet tang to finish. Highly addictive! 
It is best to soften the butter slightly to room temperature before whipping it into the miso paste with a wooden spoon until complete combined. Sprinkle fresh herbs and then mix again until evenly distributed. This is so easy, it can hardly be called a recipe but it's a real game changer nonetheless!

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