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Valentine's Day with Miso Tasty

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There’s no need for the last minute panic about how to impress your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Miso Tasty’s Valentine’s Day gift to you is this romantic recipe

Luxury Seafood Miso Soup

Tags recipes, soup

This New Year’s Eve we're swapping the blinis and platters of seafood on ice, for a warm Miso Tasty soup packed full of our favourite New Year’s Eve treats! 

Christmas Miso Soup

Tags recipes, soup

This is the Miso Tasty team's perfect meal: a Christmas meal and Miso Tasty soup served together in one warm, delicious bowl.

Winter Root Veg Miso Soup

Tags recipes, soup

During these chilly, autumn months, we can’t get enough root vegetables in our diets: served in some miso soup, the flavours become stronger, richer, and all the more satisfying.

Miso - the Ancient Superfood!

Tags miso, recipes, soup, superfood

We see miso as an ancient superfood. It has been enjoyed throughout Asia for centuries as a delicious soup and as an ingredient in cooking with great health credentials.

Spicy Pumpkin Miso Soup

Tags recipes, soup

Miso Tasty soups are wonderfully warming in these colder, darker months. With this Halloween themed soup, there’s no excuse not to enjoy a miso soup with a few tasty extras for lunch or dinner this autumn!

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